• Real time processing

    Designs run in real time and can be used with low-latency devices to produce real-time audio effects. Adjust parameters and rewire the design in real time too! With MIDI support, you can use MIDI keyboards or control any parameter in your design from a MIDI control surface.

  • Extensive Library

    We have all the usual components needed to start designing immediately. Primitives, filters, generators and test bench equipment come built in. Create your components in several easy and intuitive ways.

  • Export to VST (and more)

    Spektar can generate VST Plugin and VST Instrument source code from your design! Designs can be run from the app, but also exported into source code to run elsewhere. Spektar includes a scipting language that can be machine-translated to Java and C. Support for C++, VHDL are on the roadmap.


  • For designers

    • Rapid, visual processing design - sometimes, you just need to see your design to better understand it!
    • Debugging features - pause and step execution, inspect signal and values
  • For educators

    • Enable students to visualise signals, processing, calculations and architectures
    • Excellent tool for student coursework - designs can be saved and shared as single XML file
  • For musicians

    • Build your own, bespoke effects without writing code.
    • Share your effects with others

Version: 1.0.13-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2023-11-12.